What is eJournity

eJournity was invented by our founder and CEO John Metya to solve the challenges associated with managing our legacies, which in some measure contain our accomplishments, cherished memories, our heartfelt observations and thoughts, and our confidential records and private documents. These are best recorded in the online Diary, and Journal provided to each eJournity Member This precious content is easy to entered into the Diary or Journal by using eJournity's written word, or multi-media content entry system.  The entries made into the Daily Diary, and the Journal are protected in the absolutely secure and private environment that is provided by eJournity for each and every Member in their next generation, military grade encrypted and secured electronic Vault. 

A considerable acccomplishment of eJourntiy is its baked in capability of allowing Members to securely share specific portions of the content they create in their Diaries, and Journals many years (hopefully decades) in the future with their family, friends, associates, and even the public at large in the event of their passing.  Importantly, sharing Members' content in the event of their passing ensures that the entries in their Diary or Journals are not diluted and compromised by any prying eyes which could shape the content Members create by a desire not to offend anyone by consciously or unconsciously playing to the crowd.   

A major driving force of eJournity is to provide a Fort Knox secure, highly private environment for the sake of accuracy and self-reflection in the Diary and Journal entries our members make.  These then can be privately shared sometime in the future with those persons we call Viewers that our Members' select.  We call this Future Messaging, as opposed instant messaging which puts who we are and what we do under knee jerk and mostly shalow commentary.  Not only is Future Messaging cathartic for our Members, but healing, and puryfying to the Viewers as well.  We do realize that there are times that a written passage, a photo, a video, or and audio recording is germane right there and then, that Members or their family or friends would benefit or enjoy some particular content contemporaneously.  In this event, eJournity provides its Members with the tools to conveniently and securely share any of their content at any time during their Membership with anyone they desire.

There is a totally practical aspect to Future Messaging that is indispensible.  One wonders how we got along without it all this time.  The Vault-in-Vault holds Members' most private and confidential content.  Among the content of many Members' Vault-in-Vault are their passwords, Websiite information, banking information, memberships, medical records, passports, licenes, academic records, ownership papers for homes, stocks, boatss, planes, etc, even mundane but essential information such as, the password to the Internet router at home, or the Netflix password.  The list is long, and to help our Members the Vault-in-Vault contains streamlined information entry prompts that make entering this information quite easy. Members select which Viewers shall access this information in the event of their passing for each entry they save.  Members cannot select to have any information held in the Vault-in-Vault to be viewed by the public at any time.   

Our tag line “Live to tell about it,” describes our central theme perfectly.  eJournity® is about living, examining, and sharing a life’s worth of discoveries, and lessons learned.   You can do it lightheartedly, or seriously.  eJournity is about you living life fully, living it aware, living a life of growth, and taking the time to reflect using the Diary, the Journal, or the full range of multi-media in your member’s area, and to do it with genuine honesty made possible by the impregnable security, and absolute privacy of eJournity.    You can write your own legacy, clarify your own thinking, motivations, and actions for your own benefit, or, importantly, if you so desire, you can share any save point in your life’s story, with those you choose  only upon your passing, or at any time you desire during your Membership made possible by the unique eJournity system.

Who says you can’t live forever on earth?  An important feature of eJournity is that all of our Members live for eternity in eJournity, searchable, and accessible.  You decide what in your Member’s area is available publicly, and, as importantly, when, as well.  You can decide that some entries should never become public, or available to your Viewers, those are permanently erased upon your passing.  Or, you can decide specific save points, or entire documents should be made public immediately, or from 1 to 12 months after your passing.

eJournity is feature-rich.  We designed, engineered, and built it over a period of four and half years to make sure that you can you put your life story in one place, accessible from nearly any device, locked and protected with our next generation, military grade encrypted content security..  We spent a great amount of our time to build eJournity as secure as the nuclear launch codes. Security is not something added as-a-nice-to-have function.  Security is in our DNA.  Every function is engineered to ensure your total privacy, and complete security. No one but you, not eJournity engineers, not court ordered access, or anyone else can access your member’s area.  

If you want, you can be very public and express yourself daily to the world in our Thoughts blogs, which are not screened or censored prior to posting, but which must meet the terms of posting. The Thoughts blogs are searchable from our homepage by author, by topic, by key words, and by date.  In fact, any Thoughts blog is available for eternity on eJournity. 

You can create Links with other Members with whom you have a special relationship.  These Links will remain forever as part of your eternal Posthumous Membership.  Those who look you up will see with whom you went through life.

Interestingly, any Member can choose to be completely anonymous.  They will not be searchable internally or externally, i.e., Google, for example, they will not be found, and they will not be accessible.  This is our way of ensuring our Members have complete privacy.  

eJournity provides all Members with a potentially life saving service called Emergency.  When anyone becomes a Standard, or Total Media Member, eJournity issues them a unique QR Code that identifies them in the event of an emergency.  Members decide the level of detail, and the kinds of information to be divulged when the QR code is scanned by first responders in the event a Member is incapacitated.   At a minimum we recommend, the Member’s name, residence Zip Code, contact information for someone to be contacted, special medical needs, and nationality be included to contact the appropriate consular or embassy for further assistance.  

eJournity provides you with many useful functions, you can read abiut these on our homepage.  We sugggest you take the time to become familiar with the rich and usefull features of eJournity, they include: a daily Diary, any number of Journals, photo albums, video and audio recordings libraries, Contacts, Note Pad, Calander, Emergency, and others.   eJournity is designed to help you manage your life from one secure and private point, and take care of your obligations with your friends and family seamlessly.