Privacy Policy

The cornerstone of eJournity’s Service is the privacy of your personal information and the Content that you store in our Service. Nevertheless, eJournity collects and has access to information about you. Our Privacy Policy explains why we collect the information we collect and what is done with that information.

Will eJournity Divulge My Information?

eJournity will not sell, lease, rent, loan, trade, give or barter any identifiable information about you. We may use or share generic information to improve our business and provide a better Service. These types of unidentifiable information may include numbers of our Members who are women or men, the number of Members who hail from a particular country, state or city, the age distribution of our Members, etc.

What Is The Scope Of This Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the eJournity Terms of Service, and applies to the information obtained by us through your use of this website.

Will This Privacy Policy Ever Change?

We will not change the Privacy Policy in a material manner unless developments in law, or technology compel us to do so. 

We will post any revisions to this Policy, along with their effective date, so we recommend that you periodically check back here to stay informed of any changes. We will ask for your consent to such changes if required by applicable law; in other cases, please note that your continuation of your use of the eJournity Service by signing on to your account after any change will mean that you agree with, and consent to be bound by, the new Privacy Policy. If you disagree with any changes in this Policy and do not wish your information to be subject to the revised Policy, you will need to close your account.

1. Information Collection and Use

What Information does eJournity Collect About Its Members? Why is this Information Collected?

  • Initially, just to open your Trial Memebrship account, we require very little information: Your username, email address, and contact preferences. Your ID is accessible by us, but your password is not – both of which are required among the first steps of initial registration. This information lets us create your account, provide you with personalized access to your account, and deliver and support the Service. This information also helps us communicate with you about your use of the Service, respond to your requests for assistance, such as providing assistance to you in the event you are having a problem doing what you are trying to do in the site, providing account verification support if you’re having difficultly accessing your account, and send you the latest developments at eJournity, and periodically send special offers. For more information, please see the section below entitled, “Will eJournity Send Me Emails?
  • When you register to becomea Member, we require your phone number, city, Sate, and country, gender, and birthdate.
  • The payment information you provide to complete the payment of Membership subscription fees when you join is necessary to affect payment. This information is used by us only to enable and fulfill your transaction, and held in a secure account for renewal purposes
  • The geographic area where you use your computer and mobile devices (as indicated by an IP address or similar identifier). We collect this information to for security purposes. 

eJournity’s web site and applications also collect and receive information from your computer or mobile device, including whether access your account, the type of hardware and software you are using (operating system or browser), and user information obtained from cookies.

eJournity sets only a few cookies in order to assist with functions such as user authentication and tracking user preferences, audience size and traffic patterns. We also may include tracking pixels, which are small graphic images, in our email messages and newsletters to determine whether the messages were opened and the links were actually viewed. Also, we use cookies to help us authenticate you, and make it easier for you to sign-in. Due to our integrations with third parties (Facebook, Pinterest, Linked-in, etc), those third parties also get the opportunity to set cookies. You can configure your browser to accept cookies, reject cookies or notify you when a cookie is being used. However, if you configure your browser to reject cookies, you may not be able to use eJournity products or services that require you to sign in or take advantage of all the features of eJournity. Detailed information specific to your machine and operating system to help you manage your cookies is available with the manufacturer of the products you operate.

When you access the eJournity, that application will request access to certain information on your computing device. Gathering this kind of information helps us administer the Service, provide convenient and personalized user access, improve the features and usability of our Service, analyze user trends and information about Members’ use of our Service, collect information about use and growth of the Service in specific regions, and evaluate the content and organization of our site.

Information Collected From Children?

eJournity complies with the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), which requires us to notify and obtain consent from a parent or guardian before we collect, use and disclose the personal information of children who are under 13 years of age. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13 years of age without such consent and, if we learn that we have inadvertently done so, we will promptly delete it. In any case, the minimum age for Membership in eJournity is 14.

Will eJournity Send Me Emails?

From time to time, we may want to contact you with information about your Membership, product announcements, new feature, and offers. We consider your acceptance of this Privacy Policy as your acceptance that we will send you emails from time to time. The eemails about our service cannot be unsubscribed to.  If you ever receive emails from eJournity about non-account related matter you may opt out at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link found within EJournity emails. You will continue to receive essential account-related information.

Will eJournity Send Me SMS Messages?

From time to time, we may want to contact you with information about your Membership, product announcements, new feature, and offers. We consider your acceptance of this Privacy Policy as your acceptance that we will send you SMS from time to time. The SMS about our service cannot be unsubscribed to.  You will not receive only critically imporgtant account related SMS messages.

2. Information Access and Disclosure

Does eJournity Share My Personal Information or Content?

EJournity is not in the business of selling or renting or sharing any infoirmation about our Members.  Period.  We only disclose what little information we have you when:

  • We have your explicit consent to share information you request we share.
  • We determine it is required to comply with applicable laws, including compliance with warrants, court orders or other legal process.
  • Having said all that, except for your registration infirmation, we have no access to your content. in any case, and cannot read it.

Does eJournity Review My Private Space, Also Referred to as the Vault?

eJournity employees do not monitor, filter, or view your personal information or Content stored in the Service. Our Customer Service people do not have access to your Content.  In fact, by design, no one in or out of eJournity can access your material.  It is private, and only you can access it. 

Does eJournity Ever Make Any of My Personal Information or Content Public?

No. We do have any control over your Content (except as described elsewhere). Certainly no control that would allow us make your Content public or private.  

3. Data Storage and Transfer

Where Is My Data Stored?

Our servers are located in various Western countries with strong privacy laws. Our main server is located in Montreal, Canada.  If you post information to the eJournity sites you are confirming your consent to such information, including Personal Information and Content, being hosted and accessed in Canada, and other Western countries.

How Can I Access or Correct Information eJournity Holds About Me?

Your information is accessible to you via your profile. Users who wish to correct or delete their Personal Information should simply edit their profile.

What Happens If I Want to Stop Using eJournity?

You can delete Content you have posted to any or all portions of our Member’s Area at any time, and you can stop using eJournity at any time. Residual copies of your deleted Content may continue to exist on the eJournity's back-up and archiving systems for some period of time due to the nature of those systems’ operations. If you cancel your account, the Content in your account will be deleted after 45 days, so if you want the Content deleted faster, you must do so yourself.  But, in any case, no one can access your content even after you are no longer a Member.

What Happens If eJournity Closes My Account?

If eJournity closes your Service account due to a Terms of Service violation, then you may contact eJournity to request additional time to remove your content. Granting of extension solely at the pleasure of eJournity.  In any case, extensions, if granted, can only granted for 7 days from the date of account closure.   No other extentions is granted..  .  

Free trial accounts that have filled their 30 day trial period, and were not renewed will be cancelled, and all content deleted.

5. Contact Us

How Can I Contact eJournity?

eJournity welcomes your feedback regarding this Privacy Policy. If you have questions, comments or concerns about this Policy, please contact us by email at or postal mail at:

eJournity LLC
Delray Beach, FL 33445 USA
Attention: General Counsel