Future Messaging

Our tag line is “Live to Tell About It.”  

As we Live To Tell About It in eJournity, we have the opportunity to reflect on our activities and observations in our Daily Diaries, numerous Journals, Video and Audio Libraries, our Photo Albums, our Note Pad, or make a promise, record a thought or a song, or update our passwords, medical records, or our calendar - all in our ultra-secure Vault repository. 

As we live and prosper, we use all of the organizational feature of eJournity to put our lives at our fingertips, and access anything from contact information, to our medical records, to a password for a credit card account, to the written and media works we create.

The most unique aspect of eJournity is the selective future communication capability it delivers to each and every Member.  The ability to communicate with anyone that a Member selects sometime way in the future, in the event of their passing, is absolutely essential, considerate of our loved ones, and highly unique.

We call this feature FUTURE MESSAGING which just happens to be exactly what it is.  As we use eJournity to manage our daily lives, we make numerous entries. Every save of our entries to our Diary or Journals, every picture, video, or audio recording we save is also earmarked by us seamlessly to be accessible to specific Viewers we select today, for them view sometime in the distant future, upon our passing.

Importantly, privacy is the bedrock upon which eJournity is built.  Therefore, Members can earmark any save of any entry they make to be remain Private forever or, seen only by those Viewers they select, Groups of Viewers they create, or the entire eJournity Membership in the event of their passing.  This is a good point re-iterate that any save point can be made totally private, and viewable by the Member only today and forevef.  All Members continuously add to the trove of theirsaves over their lifetimes, potentially creating a large body of material.  It’s very much like preparing a Time Capsule for the future, and writing one's legacy all rolled into one.

The need for such a useful capability is obvious.  Aside from the remarkable usefulness of having your life in a nuclear code secure Vault that you can securely access 24/7 from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, at any time, from anywhere in order to manage your life on a regularly basis means, the information stored in Members' Vaults are up-to-date.  This, of course, makes that information accurate and up-to-date, thus, useful when it is most needed when our members need it at their fingertips, or when their Viewers need it in the event of their passing..  

If someday, way, way in future, a Member passes, all the Viewers that a Member selected to view the material they earmarked for viewing, would be allowed access the material selected for their perusal and benefit.  Over many years, one can imagine the wealth of material that can be amassed by Members.  For example, Viewers would be able to sneak a peek into a Member's heart by perusing earmarked pages of his or her Journal, or glean his or her activities and challenges in daily slices through his or her Diary.

Often, it's mundane information that is actually indispensable and very useful, such as the router’s or the cable’s password, or something far more important such as a laptop’s password (that just changed recently after 3 years), or the ID and password one would need to get into the American Express account, just to name a paltry few.  These are often earmarked to become available to parents, spouses, children, siblings, or other close family members.  Other information will likely be necessary for the people with whom you work, and who need to access your work which otherwise may be inaccessible.  In other words, by all means, have work associates as Viewers, as well.

Save Point (Viewables), Viewers

The eJournity system does all the heavy lifting when to comes to saves, Viewer Selection, and Time Delay settings. You decide who should see your saves in the future the first time you create any new material: open a new Journal, write in your Diary, create a Photo or Video Album, or make a new audio recording.

Viewer Groups

To make the handling of large numbers of Viewers easy, we’ve given you the opportunity to set-up groups of Viewers. So, for example, you can have groups like, My Family, Greater Family, Bravo Company, Work, Sailing Buddies, Yoga Friends, etc. 

Access Provided to Viewers is Private 

No Viewer knows who else has been granted access to a any Viewable area.  This is useful for countless reasons.  For example, many people have been married more than once.  Members may have children from multiple spouses. eJournity lets Members handle communicating with them in total privacy.  No hearts are broken, and perhaps some hearts are mended.

Time Delay 

A feature of eJournity allows Members to choose when a particular Viewable can be viewed by a Viewer.  This feature is particularly useful when Members have to be mindful of the impact something they leave to be viewed by a person or a Group, may have close to their passing.  Members can select between 1 and 12 months to elapse after their passing to allow access to Time Delayed Viewables.

Sharing Today is Always at Your Fingertips

Members can print any save point in their Diary, or Journal.  They can also, drag and drop into any file in or outside of eJournity any material they have in their eJournity Vaults.  Members can email simply by clicking on the email icon.  When emailing you can send an email to anyone in your Viewer list, Linked Members, and anyone else in your eJournity Contacts. You can also type in any email address you want.

But, it should be noted, eJournity is not meant to be a document, or picture sharing site during the lifetime of our Members. After all, eJournity is predicated upon your unassailable privacy.  eJournity is social media with a major difference – it lets you be prolific when you aren’t playing to the crowd (voluntarily or involuntarily), so you don’t care about the reactions of anyone.   Another way of looking at it is, eJournity lets you be completely honest with yourself and everyone else you want to message with in the future.

How Do Members Select Their Viewers?

During their initial set-up (and actually anytime in the future), Members enter the names and email addresses of people whom they want to allow to see the entries they have made in the event of their passing.

eJournity sends mails to those people telling them that you belong to eJournity, a unique social media site, with important information earmarked for them.

Those who get this email are asked to click on a link in the mail and follow instructions to register.  There is no cost to Viewers whatsoever.  They become your Viewers life, unless you remove them, or they resign.

Members can add or remove Viewers at any time, at their sole discretion.

How Does eJournity Determine if a Member Has Passed? 

At the bottom of the home page is a link labelled REPORT MEMBER STATUS.  Any Executor (see below), Viewer, or Linked Member of a Member, can click on that link to follow the reporting procedures regarding the change in the status of any Member they want to reprot.  Individuals reporting may have certain information with necessary details, or somewhat sketchy information.  Everyone should know, eJournity considers all reported information, by anyone, to require irrefutable substantiation.

Usually, the information received is about a Member's passing, eJournity contacts local officials to obtain an official copy of the death certificate.  This certificate is placed in a secure file at eJournity.

During this entire process, a number of fail-safe procedures are implemented.  Once these procedures irrefutably determine that a Member has in fact passed away, then the Viewers are sent an email announcing the loss, and allowing them to access all information that was earmarked for them by the Member.

Who are Executors?

Executors are people that are trusted by a Member, and with whom the Member has a close relationship.  The primary task of Executors, in so far as eJournity is concerned, is to inform eJournity of the death, or a very serious condition change of a Member, in a timely manner.

There can be as many executors as a Member desires.  In fact, eJournity encourages Members to have at least two executors – the more the better.  Having reliable and responsive Executors is important for timely handling of numerous issues by eJournity.  Every Executor is also a Viewer.  However, not all Viewers are Executors.

When a Member decides to appoint someone as Executor, eJournity sends that person an email detailing the duties incumbent an Executor.  As with Viewers, Executors also have to accept the Members invitation.

Also, as with Viewers, there is no cost to being an Executor.  An Executor stays an Executor for life unless removed by a Member, or resigns.