Emergency is offered by eJournity to be a reliable, available 24/7, private source of information about yourself you decide should be made available to first responders, hospital personnel, and others attempting to help in the event you are incapacitated and unable to provide important and useful information about yourself.

You determine the information you want to be available to those who scan your unique QR code.  Once you enter as much (or as little) information as you desire, you decide whether the information is going to be available to those who scan your QR code.  You can turn your QR code on and off at will, as many times and as often as you like.

If someone needs to scan your QR code to get information about you, they will scan your QR code with any smart phone.  eJournity Emergency will require the phone number of the smart phone used to scan your QR code, then eJournity Emergency will send a PIN to that smart phone.  The PIN will have to be entered to view the information you entered your Emergency file for viewing by others,

eJournity keeps permanent track of when, and by which phone number your QR was accessed.

The QR code is best worn where it is easily noticed. Members are encouraged to paste the QR Code on the back of their phone, or purchase a charm from a local jeweler with the QR code etched onto the surface which can be attached to an existing bracelet, necklace, anklet, or key holder. On one side of the charm should be the ethched QR code unique to the wearer, and on the backside the universal medical symbol of a snake on a stick, along with eJournity.com at the bottom. The charm should be approximately 2.0 cm by 2.0 cm, or approximately 13/16th of an inch  square.

We have selected Elantolia.com, an online jewelry retailer since 1999, to provide a selection of reasonably priced, high quality, durable QR Code etched, square charms that are ready be attached to your existing jewelry or keychain.  They will be available in a selection of materials.  Elantolia will begin providing the eJournity QR code charms by the end of  October 2018.

The Emergency service is offered by eJournity at no additional cost to our Members.  Similar services on a stand alone basis are offered by others at prices that are in some cases $100 or more per year.  The charm with the QR code is not available through eJournity.com, and can be purchased from Elantolia.com, or your favorite jeweler.  All Members should print out the QR code, and paste it on the back of their mobile phones in any case. Write the following note on the bottom of your printed QR code:

If I am unable to speak, please scan this QR code with any smafrt phone. 

It contains lifesaving information about me.  Thank you.