Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?  Tracking Technologies

Cookies store information on web browsers. Cookies are used to communicate information about the device in which they are located.

We use cookies if you have an eJournity account, use the services provided by eJournity whether or not you are registered or logged in.

Cookies are Important

Cookies help us provide, protect and improve the eJournity Services.  The cookies used by eJournity Services fall into the categories listed below.

Security, Protection of Privacy, Prevention of Unauthorized Use

Your privacy, and the security of the content you store in your Private Space is at the core of eJournity Services.  We use cookies as one part of security we employ, to help us ensure your account is Fort Knox secure. 

Cookies can help us identify and impose additional security measures when someone may be attempting to access an eJournity account without authorization.  For example, someone may be quickly trying different passwords.  We store information in cookies that allows us to recover your account in the event you’ve forgotten your password, some sort of a problem requires additional authentication.


Cookies let the eJournity Services know which features and functions you enjoy frequently, so it is easier for you to access your eJournity account, and taken to features that are helpful to you. 

Combat Unauthorized Activity that Could Interfere with eJournity Services 

Cookies help us fight spam and phishing. They help us detect infected computers, which in turn allows us to employ measures to prevent them from causing further harm.

Advertising: The Single Largest Use of Cookies We Never Engage In

Websites are expensive to create, and maintain.  The capital required has to come from somewhere.  Many Websites exist from their income from advertising revenue.  Since advertising is their lifeblood, they want to be able to provide as much information to their advertisers about you. 

eJournity is a membership site.  Our Members pay annual dues to become Members.  Our Members belong to eJournity for as many reasons as our Members have Diaries, Journals, and Media-Libraries, but, everyone joins eJournity because of the unassailable security and privacy delivered by eJournity. 

So, we do not violate that promise by using cookies to help advertisers, or any third parties, for that matter, track your behavior. 


Cookies help us route traffic in the cloud.   We also, follow how fast eJournity uploads, and downloads a variety of Services to our Members, and make adjustments to optimize your experience.   Cookies also help us record the settings in your computer and optimize our service for your screen dimensions, and settings.

Monitoring Member Behavior on eJournity

Cookies can help us understand how people use the eJournity Services, identify features that could be improved given the interest in them.